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Total Mind and Body Shift!

"As someone who did not enjoy cooking, and wanted to make a change in my diet I felt a need to learn more about nutrition. Sarah enlightened me about how to read labels, cook REAL food that is filling and nutritious (while being delicious at the same time!) She is also adept at delving into the psychological aspects of poor eating habits. I found her support extremely valuable as I began my journey to change bad habits and negative self talk. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sarah and would recommend her to anyone interested in making a positive change in their life." -Lisa, 13 Session program completed

Supplements Explained

"I have worked with Sarah for some time now and she has helped me better understand nutrition and improving my diet, especially since I don't cook. I brought in my huge bag of vitamin supplements and she reviewed everything for me. There were things I didn't need (so I save money) and some things to increase the dose. She was so organized and efficient. Personal health coaching is a new concept for me, and Sarah is so worth it! I highly recommend Sarah for she knows good cooking, health and nutrition!"

- Carolynne Gamble, St. Helena boomster (AKA hip boomer)

Jump Start Program

"I had the worst chocolate addiction. I would buy a bag of chocolate chips telling myself I would make cookies for the family. And then less than a day later the chocolate chips would be gone, and no cookies in sight.

I knew I could beat this compulsion because I had done it before, but this time it was more difficult. I signed up for the Jump Start Program to help me find some more self control around chocolate. Sarah is so easy to talk to and non judgmental. She really does want to help. Her methods and techniques really work and have me looking at my cravings in a different way.  This program has changed the way I eat and how I nourish my body. It's amazing what she could do in such a short time frame- She changed my relationship with food!"

~Hilary, Napa 

Bountiful Health Program

"I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I met Sarah, but I knew I needed a change. I took the plunge and fully committed to change. She is so insightful, she asked the right questions at the right time and helped me achieve the goals that we set for the program. It wasn't long into the program when I learned that this was going to go way deeper than I expected. It is not a quick fix or fad diet program. Sarah really digs deep and gets to the root of the issue so that I could totally transform.  Through this program she had me feeling like I was finally headed down the right path with my health and wellness.  She really helped me pinpoint my week spots and helped me understand why they were there and what to do about them. This was a truly meaningful experience for me."

~ Debbie, Napa

Weight Loss

Renae came to me looking for more energy in her life. She was just beginning her career and working several jobs. She was exhausted all the time and just thought it was because of all the stress from managing her schedule and working too much. Through her program she was able to set meaningful goals and work through small steps on her way to creating new healthy habits. Renae has learned to be more present while eating and to trust her intuition. She has learned how to manage her stress and to celebrate the small victories on the way to becoming her new self. Renae lost 25 lbs during our 90 days together, she found more energy to do the things she wanted to do to fully embrace and enjoy her new life. She created new habits and now has new norms.

"Sarah is the most insightful person! She is extremely through and our sessions are always super fun and engaging. She is amazing about finding different tools to overcome my challenges. I never imagined having a health coach could be so effective, and I found the best one!"

~ Renae, Pope Valley 

Chronic Fatigue

Tracy had been suffering for too many years to count with chronic fatigue. She works a stressful job for ten hours a day, six days per week. She felt like she was missing out on her life. She came to me and said that she wanted to live to see her retirement and that the most important part about that was that she wanted to be able to ENJOY her retirement. Together we worked on some breathing exercises and body movements to help release stress in her body. She became more aware of where she holds on to stress and ways to decrease her stress level. We also looked at her sleep schedule and found more time for her to be asleep by ritualizing her evening and morning routines. We adjusted her vitamin supplements and found ways for her to move her body that were not painful. After her program Tracy has more energy than she has had in years; she has a new fresh outlook on her life and is thoroughly looking forward to her retirement.

"I have definitely noticed a lot more energy in my body. I have energy to do the things I want to after work and I look forward to coming home and being able to keep going rather than fall asleep in my chair. Sarah has changed my life!" 

~ Tracy, Napa

Intuition Building

Jim was working as an actor and looking for a new direction. Through his program we were able to figure out what he wants for his life and how to get it. We set priorities and through small easily attainable steps, we were able to build a new direction. I helped Jim to develop and trust his intuition. He has learned to take a step back from his life and assess where he can do better. He now has the tools to make the small changes that will allow him to show up for himself and his family.

"My experience with Sarah has been life altering. She always has a great suggestion that is easy to implement. I have been able to change several habits that have me leading a more energetic and engaged life for myself and my family. "

~ Jim, Los Angeles

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